Complus Trading North America LLC Multi Phase Reactor is an Advanced Oxidation process that generates a suite of highly reactive Oxidizing radicals from the waste water stream without additional of chemicals or pre-cursor oxidizers.
Bio solids suspended in the wastewater stream undergo substantial particle size reduction by means of lysing of cellular matter and then subsequent oxidation of the reduced particles. This process is capable of achieving full sterilization of the water by this process alone. This will result in accelerated bio-reactivity of the solids entering the digestor, decreasing time for digestion.
Dissolved solids such as metal ions are reduced to oxidized state, where the metallic ion is tied to Oxygen rendering it insoluble. The insoluble material forms a solid precipitate that is removed via conventional filtration. Chlorides that were previously ionically bonded to the metal ions form Chlorine Dioxide and free Chlorine.


  • Modular and scalable with high volume production
  • Destroys and removes contaminates and microbes
  • Desalinates
  • Produces US EPA guideline drinking water from any source
  • Low maintenance
  • Field Tested and commercially proven
  • On-line monitoring and data logging
The Multi Phase Reactor generates an Advanced Oxidation reaction state within its reactor chamber by means of a proprietary cavitation, mixing, and ion exchange within the active reaction zone. The highly active reaction zone is capable of breaking down suspended solids, wet oxidizing volatile organic compounds, mineralizing dissolved metallic ions, and precipitating dissolved solids for subsequent particle separation.


Water treatment with Bio-Solids
  • MPR treated biosolid loaded water break down the bio-solids reducing the solids
    content in the effluent by up to 80%
    • Proven to lower BOD and COD by 90 – 95%
    • 85 – 90% Removal of Nitrogen
  • Break down of filamentatous bacteria and release of intracellular matter that
    increases biological reactivity, reducing digestor exposure time to hours instead of
  • Ozone is organically generated within the MPR is highly effective in sterilizing
    influent. Remove competitive and hazardous biologics (bacteria, virus, and spores)
    from entering digestor. Improved quality of clarified effluent and recovered solids.
  • Bio-Solids discharged from clarifier much lower in volume and classified as Class A,
    suited for direct disposal.
  • Treatment of VOCs, TSS, TDS
    • MPR cavitation and electro-chemistry provide perfect storm of advanced oxidation
      radicals that:
      • Wet Oxidation of VOCs, converting to products of combustion (high concertation of
        Advanced Oxidation species decomposes VOCs)
      • Expose TDS to oxidation species, converting to insoluble solids, e.g. Fe(+) to FexOy, H2S to
        SxOy, etc.
      • Raise ORP >300
    • High Shear fractures long chain organics (hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals,
      polymers, etc) and solids (minerals).

Approach 1 – Desalination via physical chemistry

  • Cavitation and Electo-Chemical reaction to Oxidize TDS to insoluble mineralized
  • Halides no longer have corresponding (+) ion to associate with. Becomes Free
    Chlorine, ClO2, other

Approach 2 – Vapor Distillation

  • Cavitation, exothermic reaction of VOCs, and Frictional heating raises water
    temperature to boiling point.
  • High efficiency of heating – non-scaling
  • Flash distillation of water vapor
  • Vapor condenser pre-heat feed water.
  • Energy balance very favorable relative to other phase change processes.
  • MPR technology produces high shear in crude
    • Frictionally heats oil
    • Fractures long chain hydrocarbon
      • Creates C10 – C15 distillates
      • Permanently lowers viscosity, no further heating required for down stream processing.
  • MPR technology produces high shear in crude
    • Frictionally heats oil
    • Fractures long chain hydrocarbon
      • Creates C10 – C15 distillates
      • Permanently lowers viscosity, no further heating required for down stream processing.
  • Proven high performance extraction with:
    • Oils - CBD, Olive, Hops, Peppers
    • Proteins - Chicken Biomass
  • Protein/Oils/Nutrient brought into solution by breaking cellular structure, not
    necessarily cavitation which can cause radical formation in extraction
  • Water extraction yields higher quality and purity, simple and low-cost
    processing techniques
    • No hydrocarbon solvents to extract
    • No technical complexity with supercritical fluids
    • Retain micro-nutrients lost via conventional extraction


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